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Advance Camp is a day camp held every other month for fatherless young men (6th – 12th grade) to come and learn practical skills that dad could have, would have, should have taught him if he was involved in his life. In addition to building a strong foundation through these practical skills, the dedicated mentors help teach them how to be rooted and established in Christ. The mentors build solid and lasting relationships with these young men, and in many ways are a father figure that they are looking for. Advance Camp is completely free to the young men that attend and their families thanks to generous donors. It is a truly incredible experience for everyone involved.

Camp Is Held Every Other Month

6th-12th GRADE

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Advance Camp

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April Camps – 4 States In 1 Month

April Camps – 4 States In 1 Month April 29, 2023 4 States in 1 Month!!! What a month of life change, speaking identity, teaching trades, sending young men down…

February Camps – Fishing & Bikes

February Camps – Fishing & Bikes February 25, 2023 Florida Camp We spent the entire day on the Pompano Pier to learn a little more about fishing and the four…

December Camps – Cooking & Lightsabers

December Camps – Cooking & Lightsabers May 30, 2023 Heating it Up It was a day of learning in home kitchen cooking, 3 meals with 1 protein. Being Equipped All of…

June Camps – Turning Wrenches & Turning Reels

June Camps – Turning Wrenches & Turning Reels May 17, 2023 FLORIDA AUTOMOTIVE CAMP Changing Oil and Lives We were broken up into two groups. At the oil change and inspection…

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