About Us

Advance Camp

Practical Life Skills

We understand the importance of equipping young men with practical skills that can empower them to succeed in various areas of life. At Advance Camp, we offer a wide range of hands-on activities where campers can learn skills such as bike repair, lawn maintenance, fishing, leather working, cooking, basic home maintenance, and more. Our mentors provide guidance and support as they teach these skills, ensuring that each young man gains the confidence and knowledge to navigate everyday challenges.

Our Impact

The impact of Advance Camp goes beyond the duration of camp. By investing in the lives of fatherless young men, we aim to break the cycle of father absence and equip them with the tools necessary to become successful and responsible adults. We strive to build resilience, character, and a sense of purpose within each young man, empowering them to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.


Why Advance Camp?

At Advance Camp, we believe that every young man deserves a supportive community, positive role models, and the opportunity to develop essential life skills. We understand the unique challenges that fatherless young men face, and our mission is to provide them with a safe and empowering environment where they can thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the lives of fatherless young men by equipping them with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges and develop a strong foundation for their future. We aim to instill in them a deep understanding of the love of Jesus and help them cultivate practical skills that their fathers might have taught them if they were present in their lives.

Who We Are

Advance Camp is a day camp designed specifically for fatherless young men, 6th - 12th grade. Our camp is led by a team of compassionate mentors who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of these young men. We provide a nurturing environment where they can learn, grow, and discover their full potential.

Our Approach

At Advance Camp, we take a holistic approach to the development of fatherless young men. We believe that true transformation occurs when we address their spiritual, emotional, and practical needs. Our program is built upon two pillars: fostering a relationship with Jesus Christ and teaching practical life skills.

Relationship with Jesus

We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation for a fulfilling and purposeful life. Through interactive lessons, and heartfelt discussions, we introduce campers to the love of Jesus and the power of His grace. We create a safe space where they can explore their faith, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of God's plan for their lives.

Join Advance Camp

We invite fatherless young men to join us at Advance Camp and embark on a transformative journey. Here, they will find a community that embraces them, mentors who believe in their potential, and a path toward personal growth and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

We are committed to making Advance Camp accessible to all young men. Through the generosity of our donors, camp is free to attend. 

If you’re a fatherless young man looking for a camp that will not only teach you practical life skills but also guide you in your relationship with Jesus, Advance Camp is here for you. Join us and take the next step towards a brighter future.

For more information or to register for Advance Camp, fill out the form on our contact us page we will be in touch soon! We look forward to serving you and being a part of your journey.

Welcome to Advance Camp, where young men thrive, skills are learned, and a relationship with Jesus is nurtured!