September Texas Camp – New Creation

Making Old New Again in Texas

We had a successful launch in the Fort Lauderdale area for our first Florida Advance Camp. We had 11 campers; the largest launch group to date, from all over the South Florida area. We received amazing feedback from moms about how we positively impacted their sons. We already have 16 campers signed up for future camps and more that are interested in joining. God is truly on the move in South Florida.

15 Years in Storage

This month in Texas, we were focused on creating beauty from ashes. This boat was donated to us by a local Granbury citizen. He is in his mid 80’s, tore the boat apart about 15 years ago, put it in storage where it found its resting place until he found out our need/want to bless our campers with a learning tool and a continued blessing.


We gave the boat a quick facelift. A local contractor out of Fort Worth donated two gallons of top-side marine boat paint. The boat was prepped, painted, and ready for restoration.

The Ins and Outs

Our campers learned all the ins and outs of a boat from a local boat mechanic volunteering his time at Carey and Sons Marine. He taught electrical skills, flotation repair, steering installation, and decking repair/installation. The young men walked away with a TON of new knowledge, application, and troubleshooting skills.

Big Needs For Big Growth!!

We have an immediate need for additional financial support. We have over doubled our camper attendance as we have gone into two states, in addition to Texas. We are currently $375 per month underfunded for our Oregon camp.

You can give to Advance Camp in your state, in another state, or into our general fund. The link below can be used for annual gifts or monthly reoccurring giving. Contact us if you are interested in giving through a different avenue – we have Zelle, Venmo, or mailing a check (PO BOX 5171, Granbury, TX, 76049) as additional options.

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