May Camp – Fishing

Become Fishers of Men

Camp Recap! We had our fifth Advance Camp here in Texas last weekend. We had a blast getting to teach the young men the tangible skill of fishing. The idea behind this camp was to not only teach them how to fish, and provide the practical tools they need to have in order to fish but to also teach them about the story in the bible where Jesus asks fishermen to leave their nets and to follow Him, to become fishers of men (Luke 5:1-11)

Donations and Blessings

Not a single guy in this picture had their own functioning fishing pole and tackle.  We were supported by local businesses, community groups, and individuals.  Special thank you goes out to Carey and Sons Marine, Coach Mayo, and Barry Stokes for their connections and contributions. These three changed these young men’s life by providing the tools to learn, love, and continue the art of fishing.   These young men were taught how to tie a proper fishing knot, what lures, worms and plugs are best for specific situations, and how to read the water-based off the color. 

The Van's First Advance Camp Adventure

We rode in style to camp!  Our van has been 90% completed.  We still have a local stereo shop (whom the owner was raised fatherless) that wants to donate an entire stereo system along with a custom rack builder that is donating a roof rack/basket. The young men were beyond excited to get to use the van this month, and it was incredible to get to tell them how many people and businesses have contributed to this van build to make it something that the young men are proud of. We are so thankful that God has gone above and beyond in this van build and can’t wait to share all the details of who donated what!

The day was full of fun and many fish were caught, plus one crazy rain storm. Then one young man wanted to give up and go home because of the weather but he gave it 5 more minutes and caught the biggest fish of the day.

Upcoming and Thanks

Next month we are looking forward to taking the young men out to a cattle ranch to teach them skills that are often passed down from father to son on a ranch. We are in need of leather gloves for each of the young men, as well as fencing pliers.

Thank you for your continued support of all that Jesus is doing here in Texas through Advance Camp! Be sure to check out the interview we posted on our Facebook Page that talks about the heart behind Advance Camp and more about Chad’s story. We would love it if you would share this interview with your circle of influence so we can continue to spread the word about Advance Camp Texas!

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