July Camps – Fishing and The Outdoors

Fishing From Land and Boat

“There is something else I am after, out here in the wild. I am searching for an even more elusive prey… something that can only be found through the help of the wilderness. I am looking for my heart.”  – John Eldredge, Wild at Heart

This turned into a day of MANY new experiences for campers and mentors alike. Only 2 of our campers and 3 of our mentors had ever fished before this day and none of the campers had fished from a boat.

Cabela's and Pro Staff

We were blessed by Cabela’s donating all the fishing equipment for the campers to take home including rod, reel, and basic tackle.  They also had their local pro-staff fishing guide bring out his boat so that all the campers could have the experience of fishing from a boat.

All The Boats

Along with the guide boat, I had 2 of my buddies bring out their boats so there were no campers left behind.  A big thank you goes out to Kim and Adam for giving us your day, knowledge, and equipment to give our campers an experience to remember.

From The Bank

We were also blessed by another friend of mine, Brookes, that fishes from the bank of Henry Haag Lake often. We wanted to give them lessons on fishing from the bank because that is where the majority of the fishing occurs.

Outdoorsman Camp

Putting on the Full Armor of God

Archery Range

At the Archery Range, campers learned the safety, technique, and function of both recurve and compound bows.  The majority of the campers had never shot a bow before so it was a great “first time” camp for them.

Pellet Gun Range

Our pellet guns are nothing to shake a stick at. They weigh and feel like a real rifle and are treated as such.  Our campers started with safety and training on the gun, then some friendly target competitions based on accuracy ensued.

Tank Fishing

Our day ended with fishing at the pond on the property.  We had one camper catch close to 20 fish!!! This time the mentors even joined in and one of them caught the largest fish of the day, roughly a 7lbs hog.

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