February Camp – Cowboy Cooking

We are growing!!  We had three new young men and one new mentor join us for Cowboy Cooking. We were blessed by two guys from the Chuckwagon Team at Triple Cross Cowboy Church. They taught us many skills needed for cooking in general but also specific to cast iron and Dutch Ovens.  Do you know what the number means on the lid of the Dutch oven? Ask a young man that joined camp, he will let you know.  We were blessed with another donated limo ride first to the local Starbucks where they donated pastries then to Brantley’s, where we held camp. We had huge help from H-E-B for all the groceries to make and provide lunch. We also learned how to make char clothe which was used to start our camp fire with flint and steel.


Side note/fun fact: Chuck Stone (from The Master’s Forge that taught blacksmithing last camp) went on the show “Forged in Fire”! He made it to, but lost in the 2nd round. He is on episode 16 which will air sometime at the end of March/beginning of April if you want to check it out.

Treats of the Day

Cowboy Coffee, fire roasted poblanos, and roasted cumin for the Stew.

Cowboy Skills..... Flint and Steel Fire Starting

All the young men, and the mentors were able to get a fire starter to light and contribute to our campfire that kept us warm in the chilly weather.

Upcoming Camp and Current Needs

Our next camp is bicycle tuning and repair.  We will be working on the campers and the shops bicycles to learn basic skills.  We have had two big donors for this camp already. The shop that we are doing camp at has offered to buy tuning kits for the young men so they can continue with the skills they learn at camp once they get back home. We also had a retail shop offer to give a used bike to any camper that doesn’t already own a bike.The biggest current needs are to gain monthly sponsors. These sponsors would do a reoccurring donation of $50/month to sponsor a camper. We currently have three campers being sponsored as of now but as we are continuing to grow, the need for more monthly sponsors grows. And lastly, we need prayer.  Prayer that the truth we speak into these young men is soaked in, that they learn new fun skills, and they feel loved.

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