February Camp – Bike Repair

God & Derailleurs

Just as a derailleur on the front or back sprocket of a bike has limit screws, God gives us guides to follow for a productive and fruitful life. If the limit screws are out of adjustment, the chain can jump the sprocket and cause damage, limit movement, or make the whole bike become inoperable. God places “limit screws” in our life to keep us in a safe place to live a fruitful life.


In almost 6 years of doing camp, I have found the one topic that EVERYONE can relate to is bicycles. At the bicycle repair camp, we teach basic mechanics, gear ratios, and problem-solving and we emphasize the importance of maintenance. This lesson reaches all ages – both our campers and mentors walk away having learned something new every time.

Teaching All Parts

We taught the campers what all the parts of the bike were. We then moved into how to repair a flat. The majority of bikes that get parked and not ridden again are because they get a flat and there isn’t knowledge to repair them. We set out to change that.

Bikes and Wheelchair

All the campers were given the option of bringing their own bike or working on one we had that they could take home once it was repaired. One of our campers was gifted a wheelchair from the mentors at Advance Camp, the GRMen group from Stonewater Church, Spartan Wheel Chariots, and KB Embroidery so he had something to work on and take home as well. The coolest part of this wheelchair – it’s Off Road capable!

Time for Play

In between turning wrenches and repairing bikes, we got to play a bit. We enjoyed playing basketball and a snowball fight. Bonding happens on many levels; during fun, learning, and sharing Jesus.

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