April Camp – Lawn Care

Advance Camp Serving and Learning

Lawnmowers, weed eaters, and chain saws oh my! Our campers learned how to run a Zero Turn mower, walk behind a mower, weed eater, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw, along with many hand tools.  We were blessed by a lady in our community that was widowed a few years back to use her place, that was needing to be caught up on, as a facility to learn.

He loves his gloves and protective gear. He loved learning to use the weed eater, he had never used one before.  He looks forward to going to camp.  He even goes to bed early and wakes up in a good mood, even though he normally isn’t a morning person

– Campers Mom

A Big Thank You to Stewart Brewer from Superior Lawn Care for sharing your knowledge, Starbucks in Granbury for teaching about customer service and their assistance with sustainability, Home Depot Granbury for safety glasses and gloves, Wal Mart Benbrook for snacks and supplies, and Firehouse Sub for lunch.

Upcoming Camps and Ways to Bless

Our next 3 camps are: Fishing and Lake Day, Ranch Day, & Leather Working

There are multiple ways to partner with us.  We are needing supplies to fulfill needed equipment for camp like; – Cooler(or donation towards one) – Lawn equipment as we move toward taking lawn care class into local youth groups and fatherless ministries in Fort Worth and East Dallas – Small portable “quiet” generator for onsite classes – Double Hot Plates for mobile cooking class – Storage unit or office space for supplies – Enclosed trailer for equipment of the mobile side of camp – Sponsor a camper $50/month – Corporate sponsor @ $250 or $500/mo to support growth initiatives into local church Youth Groups along with teaching trades at fatherless ministries in Fort Worth and East Dallas

AND Last but not least PRAYER.  Prayer for wisdom, ears to hear, and eyes to see where God has us going.

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