April Camp – Automotive

A trade so many young men want to learn

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.  1 Corinthians 12:12


At our April camp, all the automotive basics were taught along with a little extra. You may ask, “How does the bible connect with automotive?” I shared 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 with the 17 young men that attended the camp. I shared about the different parts of the body and how every part has its purpose, the same as a vehicle. None are better than the other, just have different functions – just as the campers are different with different functions but all are still valuable and needed.

Auto Detailing and Paint Correction

We washed, detailed, and corrected paint blemishes on multiple different vehicles including a Lamborghini and a donated wheelchair lift van that is newly donated to us.

70 Point Inspection

All our campers went through a 70 point inspection on the donated van so they could learn all the functions, parts, and maintenance points of a vehicle. We used the information they found through their inspection to know what needs to be repaired or replaced on the van. (If you or your business would like to sponsor the needed repairs please reach out to chad@advancecampusa.com)

Wheel Chair Lift Van

We have been waiting two and a half years for this. We were blessed with a donated lift van for one of our campers. This camper was literally the first camper to EVER sign up for Advance Camp: Texas, so to have this van donated is a true blessing. This camper also gets to be part of the design process of the donated wrap on the van.

Oil Change and Brakes

Our campers got hands-on experience with doing oil changes, changing a spare, and doing a disk brake replacement.


Camp is and has been growing. We have now grown past our cap of 20 campers and are crossing the Texas state lines. We are scheduled to kick off Advance Camp Oregon on July 10th and Advance Camp Florida on September 11th. With that being said, WE NEED YOU! We are needing donors to step in and donate a total of $600/month per location to make this a successful launch. I know God will provide because He always does, but if you feel called to be part of our outreach you can click on the “Become a Financial Partner” below to partner with us in changing the lives of fatherless young men.

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